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The database presently consists of a name index, surname index, family pages and a descendant list. The data presented has been accumulated from many different researchers and sources and has not been thoroughly checked. It is hoped that by presenting the raw data, correctional and additional data will come from all the interested parties. Contributions and exchange of information will lead to the expansion and correction of the database to the benefit of all. Feel free to challenge any data with documented information.

Surname changes from Carnley, Carnline and Cantaline have been carried out at least one generation wherever possible to allow easier identification and yet conserve space. Privacy was also an important concern and therefore all birth and marriage dates and places are shown only as "Private" for all living individuals. Since not all death dates were known, many individuals are shown as "Private" when in fact they are not alive. Again as this information is received, the database will become more accurate.

Sources, which are not included at this time, are very important to most genealogist and researchers and will be added at a later time. Again, we must be careful to protect the privacy of all individuals. At this time we are still investigating a safe method for researchers to post information directly to the site. The site will be able to accept most types of source data, scanned documents, word documents, gifs, jpegs, etc.

Presently, communication will be through this link. If you know who you wish to address your message to, then use that name and the message will be transferred to that person. The web master will screen all e-mail messages and attempt to get to the correct individual.


To navigate the site, you can go directly to any one of the databases by utilizing the buttons below. The name index and the surname index lists all names within the database. Clicking on a name within the index will lead to a family sheet for that particular individual. Clicking on an individual's name within a family page will lead to another family page. Family pages are setup to view or print one family at a time.

The descendant button takes you directly to the descendant chart which is set up to show all descendants of the earliest known Carnley/Carnline/Cantaline individual. You cannot at this time move around within the descendant chart. It is set up for viewing and printing only. The chart takes approximately 30 to 35 pages to print out depending on how you have your printer set up on your computer.

Edited June 18, 2005

B. Carnley