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 Shelah Carnley Zmigrosky    Richard Dale Carnley
 Susan Fitzgerald    Katie Wilkes
 John McCoy    Jerry Meacham
 James New    Sam Carnley
 Jeanynne Hughes    Jo Ann Hopper
 Johnny Smith    Rosemary Barlow
 Greg Jackson    Sheila Carnley Surber
 Dinkie Carnley    Victor W. Carnley
 Linda Gibson Durham    Doward Eldridge
 Gene Kelly    Bud Pelham
 Brenda Carnley Pierce    Sherry W. Manual
 Gary Helm    Carole McBroom Stinson
 Jimmy Lammers    Wade Guice
 Mary Lynn Jones    Linda Carnley Nolan
 Keith & Debra Carnley    Glen & Barbara Powell
 William T. Hollinghead    Stacie Carnley
 Tracy Carnley    Michelle Berry
 Cathie Pettis    Susan Carnley Ping
 David Carnley    Scott Carnley
 Patrick Koehler    Melinda Webb Russ
 Todd Carnley    Sharon Youmans
 Melissa Dawn Griffith Carnley    Daniel Clark Duckett
 Sally Jo-Ann Carnley Nelson    Lynn Jones
 Sue Williams    Steve Stacey
 Don J. Carnley    Julia Dixon
 Don A. Carnley    Hulon Carnley
 Rorry Carnley    Randy Carnley
 Kay Evins Carnley    Wanda Carnley Brown
 Jo Ann Hope    Sean Bohannon
 Sandy Perry    Don Alan Carnley
 Ed Burns    Mark Tisdale
 Ray Thomas    LeJune Thigpen Ward
 Ray Thomas    Bob Bryan
 David Carnley    Julia Catrett
 Jimbo Carnley    Cindy Williams
 Timothy R. Carnley    Vivian Burleson
 Daniel Duckett    Essie M. Kirkland